About Shuguang
Wuxi Shuguang Mould Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wuxi Mould Factory, was established in 1962 and restructured into a limited company in 2001. It has a 50-year history of mold and processing research and development. Currently has more than 600 employees, of which more than 20% are technical staff. The company uses a large number of CAD / CAM / CAE experience and innovation, specializing in designing and manufacturing various stamping dies and precision multi-position progressive dies for automobile chassis, body, exhaust system, etc.
Dawning mold
The company has strong technical strength in the field of precision and ultra-precision machining. Since 2009, it has undertaken the manufacturing of aviation outsourcing precision parts, and in 2011 participated in the development of aerospace ultra-precision parts and achieved success. Since 2012, the company's business has successfully involved the energy and communications industry, and has participated in the development and production of a large number of precision manufacturing, which has made the company an unprecedented opportunity.
company culture
As a veteran supplier in the automotive industry, Wuxi Shuguang Mould Co., Ltd. has won many praises in the industry and gradually established the "Shuguang" brand; as a new force in ultra-precision machining, the company has participated in a large number of innovative design and material application attempts and obtained Outstanding results. I believe that with the efforts of the company's employees and your support, Dawn will be better tomorrow

  • Brand Concept
    As a veteran supplier in the automotive industry, Shuguang Mould has won many praises in the industry and gradually established the "Dawning" brand
  • Market area
    Moulds, continuous dies, stamping parts, pipe fittings, welding assemblies, exhaust assemblies, fine blanking parts, heat treatment, die castings, mold bases
  • Elaborate work
    Three-coordinate, welding robot, 800T punch, American Michaoli machining center, Makino machining center, gantry machining center
  • Dawning Service
    Listening to user needs, caring about the vital interests of users, and providing comprehensive and considerate services
  • Innovation
    High-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, private technology enterprise of Jiangsu Province, director unit of Jiangsu Mold Industry Association
  • Logistics system
    Flexible logistics methods, including recycling and self-delivery, and professional logistics company barcode labels and traceability